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This is being pushed down a hill and the children have let go. She uses fake I. In his final sketch, undertakers come to his door to take away the body of Kitty, who has apparently died. In his final sketch, undertakers come to his door to take away the body of Kitty, who has apparently died.

Vicky Pollard

Doggy, then imitates replies from him using a deep voice for effect, the camera will zoom onto him when she imitates his replies until later, when it becomes clear that Phyllis is providing them herself. The coach appears to be very caring for Vicky though Vicky reacts by telling her to 'get off me you dirty lezzer'.

Mr Collier was played by David Walliams. This scene was removed into the series 3 deleted scenes because David Walliams, according to his commentary, believed it to be crossing the line in taste. He made an appearance in Little Britain Live, but not in the USA adaption of the program, though he does appear in a deleted scene on the LBUSA DVD, using his hypnosis to get a woman in a supermarket to agree to go out with him, go to his show and then make love with him at a motel.

In his second sketch, he is visited by his local Meals on Wheelswho are bringing Kitty her daily meal. Andrew appeared in the final sketch with all the other students, but his insult was edited out.

When talking about how nice the food was, he talks in the first person before hastily adding: Steve - Described as Ali Bongo. Cleeves is a traditional-looking yet eccentric teacher at Kelsey Grammar School a reference to actor Kelsey Grammer. Next, she caught Vicky trying to escape where she mentions that she takes attempts to escape very seriously.

Despite the fact that Vicky often seems to get into trouble at the end of her sketches, including appearances in court and arrests for shoplifting, she always seems to have avoided any serious penalties by her next appearance, although she did have a spell in borstal.

Quality essay papers for sale. When Paul walked out, Linda sang the Oompa Loompa song. Throughout this sketch, he offers the young man various finger foods.

She is a smoker and in one episode smokes in a swimming pool. A sketch simply showed her going to a newsagent and trying to claim money with a fake lottery ticket.

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Jackie looks and talks exactly like Vicky does, except she wears blue instead of pink. In Little Britain Abroad she was shut in a Thai prison for smuggling heroin and her mother, Shelly Pollard (played by Dawn French), made an appearance in court saying that Vicky got into a bad crowd at the age of three.

Vicky was sentenced to 10 years for this offence (her mother gets 20 for annoying the judge). Nov 01,  · Vicky Pollard is your common-or-garden teenage delinquent, the sort you can see hanging around any number of off licences in Britain, trying to persuade people going inside to buy them 10 fags and.

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Victoria 'Vicky' Pollard is a popular character from the TV and radio series of Little Britain. She is a moody, obnoxious teenage girl seemingly incapable of doing much but gossip in a strong Bristol accent.

She is a representation of teenagers and Female. Jul 25,  · Little Britain Essay Response Funny As! Skip navigation Sign in. Comic Relief S1 • E14 Little Britain meets George Michael Matt Lucas Reveals Where Vicky Pollard.

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