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Lloyd George was born in a Welsh village and he disliked the English upper classes. Getting Old Age Pensions was a huge change from receiving Poor Law relief whether it was outdoor or indoor.

Source J The limitations of this Act were that the benefits did not cover the illnesses of wife or children, and that it did not cover hospital treatment. People then realised that if in York, which was seen as a typical English city, they had these problems too that it must be a nation-wide problem.

Ryan s introductory essay on liberalism also contains an elaboration of some core nbsp; Twenty Years after Welfare Reform: For this reason the Education Act was unsuccessful at treating the problem of hunger in children.

We can learn this from the overall tone of what Lloyd George is saying. Author manuscript; available in PMC Nov 2. This act provided compensation for injuries sustained at work.

Lloyd George visited Germany. Poor people were seen to be poor because of their own idleness. Prominently it seemed the pressure was mounting. The act was successful as children would be safe, and free from abuse from adult prisons and could grasp a better idea of a better and more fulfilling life from their detention centres and borstals.

People now had more help and a large push to find a job and earn wages, the unemployed received and were introduced into an insurance scheme which paid them money for 15 weeks in the year.

The Education Act passed in made medical inspections for children compulsory. Search our thousands of essays: At the time the acts were fresh and far reaching and some believe them to be the foundations of the welfare state, to what we know it today.

They went to great lengths to improve the nbsp; Liberal Reforms Success. Charities, or friendly societies, and the poor law provided some relief, but it was very inadequate.

The divide between the rich and the poor was large. If they qualified for the pensions act then they would receive 5 shillings a week, but according to the poverty reports compiled by Booth and Rowntree people needed a minimum of 7 shillings a week to remain above the poverty line. It does show though that Labour Exchanges were not perfect.

The liberal government reforms 1906-1914 Essay

Young offenders were sent to borstals were they would receive a proper education in a corrective school. The medical inspections also showed how widespread some diseases were.

The newly emerged labour party stood for the workers of the country, and as mentioned it is clear that the problems of British poverty was greatly becoming evident and more and more people were willing to get involved in the matter. Half the men who volunteered were not fit enough to fight.

The fourth large group that was vulnerable to was the unemployed. Kier Hardy, head of the labour party saw the scheme as weak as it did not touch on the underlying problem, the capitalist scheme, as it was not financed by higher taxation of the wealthy1[17]8.

The act was very limited as it only applied to certain trades e. This act made sure that the unemployed received unemployment insurance. Half the men who volunteered were not fit enough to fight. However the act only affected some trades. Family Matters — Issue 54 — Families, welfare and social policy that we approached agreed to write something for us, and this Reform of the welfare and social security systems is at the forefront of.

He wanted to improve the conditions of ordinary people source C. Januarythe liberal government won the general election in a landslide result. Conclusion has basically summarised our essay and ended by stating why reforms were introduced Essay is words Popular Essays.

By the USA had overtaken Britain in manufacturing output source Aand Germany was a fierce competitor with Britain by this time. Once young offenders had completed their jail or borstal sentence they would be given a probation officer to help them change their ways.

The second act introduced to benefit children was the Education Act of which provided free medical inspections to schools.

Apart from the fact the Liberals lost seats to Labour in a by election a year before, sitting in government were a vast amount of miner Mps1[14]5. Sources H and I are useful in understanding the effects of labour exchanges taken together but separately they each exaggerate the true situation.

The Liberal reforms were introduced for numerous reasons. Some people in the Liberal Party realised that the rise of the Labour Party was a sign that working class people were not impressed by the Liberals or Conservatives.

This free History essay on Essay: Poverty in Britain and the liberal reforms is perfect for History students to use as an example. To get a unique essay. Hire Writer. Subject: Liberalism. The Bill was passed, allowing local authorities to provide school meals to children.

combined with the introduction of medial inspections for them were the result of the Liberal reforms. Therefore, the Liberals concern over national security. Consider the view that the liberal government reforms were more concerned with the maintenance of Edwardian society than its radical overhaul Between and the Liberal Government passed many reforms concerning the old the young, the sick and those without work.

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To what extent were the reforms of the liberal government of the most important change in the lives of people in Wales and England in the period ?

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(36) + Liberal Reforms + WW1 + Increasing power of workforce + Reports of Booth & Rowntree The liberal reforms that were introduced between had a massive impact on the lives of people living in England and Wales.

Liberal reforms 1906 essay writer
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